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Montag, 24. November 2014

Counting stars

I dip the brush deep into my soul.
I paint with the color of strength,
I keep drawing lines from my heart to 
every part of my body.

From North to South, 
the same path follows the same
Lines are crossing, touching each

other, even dancing and moving
in their own circles.

From East to West,
it keeps on going, restless, 
drops of color.
From my mouth, down my neck.
soaking up my desires.

My body vibrates like the wings 
of a hummingbird. 
The splashes of silver shimmering
like moonlight. 

I go deeper.
Dip the brush into my weakest point. 

Pull it in.

Red drops race down my spine and leave
a trace of the past.
I erase the thought of it being there.

Lines are crossing, touching each
other, creating a net of beauty.

I embrace myself.

And watch the reflection of the
colors pulling circles in the
dark water.

Sonntag, 9. November 2014

Storm raging above.

It crawls back to me.
In the shadows of love.

Raindrops falling all over my
body, smoothing my skin, 
kissing my lips goodbye. 

My eyes are open but the curtain
of desire closes every sight.

The moment passes.

Falling on my head.
Bittersweet blossoms.
The smell of love.

I want to dive in your ocean,
Never looking up to the sun.
Laying in the ocean's bed.

Snowflakes whispering lovely
thoughts of love, comforting
me with small kisses.

I have been here before.
There is nothing wrong,
nothing left to say.

Water is shimmering,
floating every inch of me.
As I sink deeper and deeper,
I only hear your voice calling me.

This is a road that is worth 
traveling forever.

Is breathing deeply.